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The Berkshire Law Office, based in Tempe, AZ, is committed to helping our clients with all areas of family law, including divorce, high net-worth divorce, legal separation, annulment, spousal maintenance (alimony), legal decision-making (custody)/parenting time issues, paternity, child support matters, property division, orders of protection and pre-marital agreements.

The Berkshire Law Office is widely considered as one of the best family law firms in Arizona. Keith Berkshire is part of the exclusive group of approximately 80 Certified Specialists in Family Law through the State Bar of Arizona.  Keith is also part of a very small group of approximately 40 family law attorneys in the State of Arizona admitted as Fellows to the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The “Academy” is the most select group of family law attorneys in the country, with a rigorous selection criteria. Keith has also chosen some of the best attorneys to join him in his practice, all focusing on family law trial and appellate matters.

In Family Court, or in the Appellate Court, experience and knowledge of the law matters. The Berkshire Law Office has been involved in some of the most groundbreaking family law appellate cases in Arizona including multiple cases at the Arizona Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The attorneys at the Berkshire Law Office are considered amongst the best appellate attorneys in the State and lecture frequently to other attorneys on appellate matter.  The Berkshire Law Office won two cases at the Supreme Court of the United States regarding military disability benefit division.

The attorneys at the Berkshire Law Office have handled divorce cases with estate values in excess of a hundred million dollars to cases where there was only debt to be divided; they have represented presidents of corporations and single parents with little income, as well as all of those in between. Our attorneys attempt to mediate most matters so our clients have more control over their final outcome and do not spend unnecessary attorney’s fees. But when an equitable settlement is not an option, our attorneys aggressively pursue our clients’ interests in court and frequently utilizes experts for business valuations, legal decision-making (custody) evaluations, forensic accounting, tax implications, vocational assessments, real estate appraisals, and retirement account division.

No matter the area of family law, the complexity or simplicity, the Berkshire Law Office can assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.


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