“I had a difficult custody case with my out of state ex-wife involving, among other things, her refusing to return our children to me. I hired Keith Berkshire based on a high recommendation from a friend of mine that does work with attorneys valley wide, and I couldn’t have found a better attorney anywhere. Mr. Berkshire was sincerely interested in all aspects of what I was going through and was more than just an ‘attorney’, he really, genuinely cared about my situation. Mr. Berkshire was easy to talk to, easy to get a hold of, and was tenacious and stunningly effective in the courtroom. I had worked with 2 other attorneys before Mr. Berkshire and now know what a GREAT attorney can do! My case was resolved better than I could have ever hoped for. I highly recommend Keith Berkshire to ANYONE and will definitely be calling upon his services for any of my needs in the future. Thank you, Keith!!” — M.T.

“I had a complex divorce that required an attorney who was a formidable adversary–Keith was that person for me. In my opinion, Keith was always two steps ahead of the opposing side. He was able to navigate through a myriad of legal issues such as custody, the equitable distribution of multiple assets and the division of high dollar real estate. I admire Keith for his ability to never lose sight of the fact that there was a family at the heart of all of the legal issues and for his ability to maintain a professional demeanor at all times, even when I was not. I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment, to recommend Keith” — L.G.

“My divorce case was very emotional due to the process being initiated when my daughter was just 3 weeks old. Keith handled my case with compassion, while remaining objective in his advice around the complex and sensitive issues that came up so together, we could make the best decisions to resolve several harsh situations. Keith made my journey through the divorce process bearable due to his professionalism, compassion, and his savvy in the Court room when fighting for my best interests, and I was very happy with the outcome! Thank you, Keith!” — Michelle P.

“I was lucky enough to have been referred to Mr. Berkshire after a horrific separation from my spouse and infant son. The issues surrounding my divorce centered around two main issues. The first being custody of our son, and the second being parenting time. We needed to go to trial several times, and address a myriad of unfounded malicious attacks in an attempt to manipulate the issues. My spouse went through three different attorneys during the process. Needless to say, Mr. Berkshire has been one of the most important people in my life. His professionalism, integrity, and knowledge of family law are second to none. Again I can’t say how fortunate I’ve been to have Mr. Berkshire represent me with the most important issues of my life.” — A.M.

“As a parent, there is no worse feeling of helplessness than your child in desperate need…and no way to fill that need. In the world of Family Law, more often than not, it is the Children who are left to endure, and suffer the most. As a father, I felt I could only watch, as my 6 year old daughter struggled with issues, and events that even an adult would have had difficulty with. Alone, facing an unfriendly court system, hundreds of forms, and endless websites….the situation just seemed to grow more impossibla by the day. Thomas Fuller once wrote “The darkest hour is just before the dawn” meaning…. there is hope, even in the worst of circumstances. Mr. Berkshire, and his legal team gave me that hope. He was confident, knowledgeable, and was sure that he could help my daughter and I. Within a few months, I was granted the opportunity to give my little girl the life that she deserved. It’s been 6 months now, and her progress continues to impress her teachers, care givers, family and friends, her future is looking very bright these days. My only advice to anyone who finds themselves facing a family law situation….get an expert attorney in Family Law to guide you…. I just happen to know one, his name is Keith Berkshire.” — J.G.

“Keith Berkshire has worked diligently with me through a long, contentious divorce. Keith has the ability to analyze opposing counsel, and give sound advice as to what is the course to take that is in his client and their children’s best interest financially, and also emotionally. Keith brings a “human” component to this entire process, yet he freely shares his vast knowledge of the intricacies of the law, and clearly outlines his proposed direction, the time and cost that will be involved. Keith’s expansive knowledge of the judicial process, his opposing attorney and his direct honesty gave me courage and hope. While an attorney can never promise an outcome to a client, I must say that when Keith Berkshire said an outcome of a judge’s decision would be in my favor, in baseball terms, Keith batted 100%. Every divorce is draining on so many levels. Keith Berkshire did not waste ONE PENNY of my money, and yes, my situation was unusual…my former spouse hired his own personal attorney and the paperwork and motions were constant, redundant, and superfluous. Keith’s ability to cut through the nonsense, spend only what was necessary, and communicate with strength and a sense of humor has been a true Godsend. I have recommended Keith Berkshire to friends, and I would gladly talk to anyone personally about Keith Berkshire as a Family Law attorney.” — Ann C.

“My divorce case involved complex issues relating to business valuation, corporate real estate as well as the usual issues of property division, custody, spousal maintenance, child support, etc. Keith’s knowledge of community property law, as well as his arguments to the judge during trial, resulted in an outcome that was more favorable than my previous attorney had prepared me for. Keith’s use of experts made my payouts on my business, and property less than expected and significantly less than the requests made by my ex-wife. I would recommend Mr. Berkshire to anyone seeking representation in a divorce matter.” — Robert S.

“As a disabled man I represented myself in Family Court as the Petitioner for several years in an attempt to save my teenage son from drug addiction and his drug dealing in the community. No matter what witnesses I produced and how much factual evidence I submitted the Family Court Judge ruled against me. In fact the Family Court Judge allowed the continued use of perjury, discrimination against my Christian beliefs and continual degrading remarks against me in the Court Room by Respondent and her Counsel. Those degrading remarks by Respondent and her Counsel have continued outside the courtroom in the community. My son eventually ended up in Juvenile Court and at my request his Probation Officer ordered Drug testing. The Juvenile Court Judge also honored my request to incarcerate him and order him to Rehab to prevent him from killing himself or others. It would seem that Juvenile Court ends up with the sins of Family Court in this case. Respondent and her attorneys responded with Contempt Motions in Family Court and attempted to have me incarcerated for failure to pay unreimbursed medical expenses. Incarceration with my disabilities would have been very debilitating for me. I sought Legal help from the Family Law Support Center and I met Keith Berkshire there. I explained to him what had occurred in Family Court and he agreed to assist me in filing the appropriate motions with the newly assigned Family Court Commissioner. The new Family Court Commissioner refused to apply the proper Arizona Statutes to my contempt hearing and gave the Respondent a judgment against me in spite of the fact the Respondent admitted she never personally spent any of her money for the unreimbursed medical expenses. The Family Court Commissioner also scheduled an additional hearing for my incarceration. At that point Keith agreed to appeal my case through Appellate Court on a “Pro Bono” basis. Keith did a superb job in Appellate Court and during oral argument he could quote the appropriate code sections word for word without any notes. Keith won every Legal point on our Appeal and in fact the Appellate Court found that Mother was so unreasonable in her claim they awarded Keith Attorney’s fees. In my prior occupation I worked with new and different attorneys every month for eight years. Keith Berkshire is the finest attorney I have ever worked with.” — D.K.