Mediation is the process where a disinterested third party attempts to bring about an agreement on the contested issues in the case.  During a mediation session, a mediator can help each party increase their focus on issues and goals most important to them and decrease their focus on the irrelevant facts and issues.  The mediator can help parties can reach settlements using creative methods not available to a judge on issues such as:

During negotiations, parties are free to settle on as few or as many issues as they wish.  Once the parties have reached an agreement on all or at least some of the issues,  the terms of the agreement are drafted in a settlement agreement and signed by both parties. Once the parties sign the agreement, it is binding and cannot be changed.

Benefits of Mediation:

The Berkshire Law Office has extensive experience in mediation, and can help you achieve the best possible outcome in a meditation.  In addition, Keith is a highly effective mediator and can successfully help parties, whether or not they are represented by an attorney, reach settlement agreements prior to trial. Keith’s primary goal is to help couples dealing with divorce come up with a solution that each party views as fair.